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Introducing PRAPS, an American work-wear fashion brand established by Chase Galvin in 2023. Drawing inspiration from California's desert pastels, PRAPS cultivates a classic aesthetic with a warm, sophisticated touch. The brand is committed to sourcing high-quality sustainable materials to offer luxurious eco-friendly products.

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At PRAPS, our mission is to redefine workwear fashion by blending style, design, and service seamlessly. We aim to empower individuals to express their unique personalities through our carefully curated collections. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, we strive to create eco-luxury products that not only make our customers look good but also feel good about their choices. Join us on this journey as we continue to innovate and inspire the world of fashion.


At PRAPS, our vision is to scale our business and create a cult following customer base that appreciates the blend of style, design, and service we offer. We aspire to be a brand that not only provides high-quality workwear fashion but also builds a community of individuals who share our passion for sustainable and eco-conscious products. Through innovation and dedication, we aim to leave a positive impact on the world of fashion and inspire others to make mindful choices. Join us as we continue to grow and evolve, shaping the future of workwear fashion together.

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